Sunday, 18 October 2009

Beef Oxford

Another Joy Duckett special (although I seem to remember it's via Penny Bennett). Anyway, I've not really followed her recipe too closely, but it's essentially beef in red wine.

3-4 rashers of bacon
Good stewing steak
2 good sized carrots
1 heart of celery
2 green peppers
2 courgettes
1 bottle of good red wine
garlic (to taste, but the general rule is LOTS)
black olives, to taste
beef oxo cube

SO. In a dab of butter fry off your bacon, then add the beef and let it brown. When it's browned, add a good shake of nutmeg, black pepper and a beef oxo cube and stick the lid on while you chop up the veg.

Add a good slug of garlic and the chopped celery and onions and put the lid back on - it needs to cook down a bit before the rest of the vegetables go in. When they do, give them a few minutes to soften before adding the bottle of wine, rosemary and - if necessary - a bit of water to just barely cover the veg. If you do add water, add a bit more beef stock - between half and a whole cube. Most importantly though bring it up to the boil to cook the alcohol off before turning down to a simmer and putting the lid on. This is going to take a good three hours so put it on the lowest heat and keep the lid on tight.

About halfway through the cooking time add the olives. When it's ready, thicken the sauce with cornflour paste or thickening granules. Serve with plain steamed rice, crunchy roast potatoes or, if you're of a mind, some thick noodles. All are good.

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