Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lemony fishy pasta

...not the most appetising of names but it's delicious. I am not quite sure where the inspiration for this came from but it's definitely a Special Treat Dinner given the generous amounts and the particular ingredients. It doesn't look particularly elegant but it tastes amazing (even if I do say so myself).

Serves 2
at approximately 9 Points each

1 pack of peeled cooked prawns, approx 280g
1 large fillet of cod, haddock or firm white fish; be responsible!
100g Philadelphia Extra Light (never be tempted to substitute "Light"'s really not!)
Fresh shelled peas
Asparagus spears
1 onion
1 lemon
4-5 cloves of garlic
black pepper
Dried tarragon leaf (or fresh but I find it hard to find)
Marigold vegetable bouillon, scant teaspoonful
140g dried wholewheat pasta

This is so SO easy. Start by popping your fish in the oven in an ovenproof dish on 180 for about 15 minutes. Put it aside to cool while you do everything else.

In your pan, gently saute the onion and garlic til soft. Leeks work well too. Add the lemon, stock/bouillon powder and some tarragon and let it all gently cook down together. When it's looking softened and tender put the pasta on to cook, and add the asparagus, chopped into small rounds, to the pan to heat through. Flake and skin your white fish, getting the bones out, and add it and its juices to the pan along with the prawns to heat through gently. Finally as the pasta is approaching completion pop the peas in along with the Philadelphia, another shake of tarragon and some black pepper. Drain the pasta, toss it all together and consume with glee :)

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