Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year, New Plan?

I have been quiet recently; it's not because I've not been eating (au contraire!), but because actually...we've been really struggling with the new Weight Watchers plan and as a consequence have been eating the same things over and over. Without going into prolonged detail, it's just not suiting us at all - I feel that I can't actually eat enough of the healthy foods that I need to eat to feel well without going over my Points, because once you get into it it's actually quite restrictive.


So, last night, we buckled up and went back to Slimming World. It has been years since I have been to a meeting; I went a few times some years ago and as I have said before, I couldn't get on with the old Red and Green malarkey at all. However, the plan has changed considerably and seems to tie in quite well with what the nutritionist said when I saw her a few weeks ago, about needing to eat a certain amount of a certain type of food to make everything work properly.

So far, as far as I can see, all lean meat and fish, offal and shellfish are free, along with all fruit, veg, pulses, nonfat dairy/eggs (so things like quark and fat free yogurt) and things like pasta/rice/cous cous. Oh and Quorn and tofu. Bread and porridge/cereal are dietary supplements rather than staples and are consumed in very small portions as a healthy extra; likewise milk. That is genuinely about it. You can apparently eat naughty things but you count them and you don't get much allowance for it - I guess because you're already full of steak and chickpeas? Heh. Anyway...I think it might be a good one for us. Looking back at so many of my recipes on here, they're classed as free on Slimming World and so I think it might be a bit easier to stick to.

Listen, we are keeping an open mind eh...five months time and we're on our honeymoon so some of this extra padding needs to be dropped before we're in Disneyworld in June! :)

I shall keep you all informed. Perhaps being public about what we eat might motivate me a bit - recipes included, naturally.

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