Wednesday, 3 August 2011

MvF inspired burgers with baby baked potatoes

Oh Adam Richman, you have so much to answer for.

There's not really a recipe here - I made the burgers by mixing a pack of lean ground beef (350g) with half a grated onion, one grated clove of garlic, salt, black pepper, and dried parsley, and then shaped them with my hands (I made four fat ones).

On the toasted buns, I added sliced beef tomato, sweet onion, pickled gherkins, American mustard (French's), crumbled blue cheese (just a bit!) and ketchup. Chris's (pictured) had smoked bacon too.

The baby baked potatoes were just boiled baby potatoes which then went into the oven whole and were baked at a high heat, sprinkled with sea salt and a spray or two of olive oil to stop them sticking.

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