Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Gill's Amazing Fried Rice*

This is a two-stage process

For the pork:

Diced pork leg, trimmed and all fat removed

and marinated in...
Sesame oil
Sweet chili sauce
Dark soy sauce
Honey (the runny kind)
Chinese 5-spice (2tsp)

Rice, boiled, drained and cooled (we like brown, but basmati is fine)

Spring onions
Red pepper

Eggs, beaten

Low fat cooking spray

So. Step one is to first marinate the pork and then cook it in a pan, tipping all the marinade in and letting it cook through. Remove to a dish and allow to cool.

While you're in the kitchen you can also boil some rice, drain it and spread it over a plate to cool.

If you're really feeling frisky you can slice up all those vegetables finely (or whatever else you fancy) and have them ready.

When you are ready it's just an assembly job. Just spray your pan, let it heat RIGHT up, and put the veg in. They will take two or three minutes, and then add the egg, followed by the pork and the rice. Keep it all moving, keep it hot, and then chuck it in bowls and devour. Nice with a bit of extra soy sauce/chili sauce.

*Obviously, this might not SOUND amazing, but it was. You have to just trust me on this.

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