Saturday, 19 February 2011

Home-made pork in black bean sauce

Diced lean pork leg, trimmed thoroughly
Green peppers
Any other veg you want to put in - I used some leftover Brussels sprouts which I sliced like teeny cabbages, a grated carrot and half a courgette
Dark soy sauce
Black beans - use canned/cartons/ready cooked
Chinese 5-Spice powder
1 red chili (optional if you're not keen)
Black pepper, generous amounts, but to taste

To serve, we had this with rice but it's your call :)

Very easy. Brown and seal the diced pork thoroughly, and then add the sliced onion and garlic. Once those have become golden and soft, add the 5-Spice and a splash of soy sauce, turn it down and leave it to cook in together for a little while while you get the veg ready. Add them to the pan, including the optional chili, cover and leave to cook in together. While that is going on, sort out your black beans.

I used two small cartons for this, and what I did was empty one whole carton, water and all, into a bowl and hand-blend it together until mostly smooth (you could mash it if you haven't got a hand blender), and then drain and add the other carton of whole black beans, to give it texture.

Go back to your pan; if the veg are as you like them then add your black beans along with a bit more soy sauce and a generous amount of black pepper. Let it all bubble up, taste and adjust the seasoning, and then serve over rice. We had some snipped coriander over it and it was really nice.

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