Sunday, 31 May 2015

Epic Weekend Batch Cooking

Since there's only me here (apart from Halo the kitten, who pretty much just eats crunchy kibbly stuff and drinks kitten milk), and work is often hideously busy, I have got into the habit of having a big session of batch cooking every few weeks, usually after payday.  It helps me to budget for the month and cuts down enormously on waste as I essentially just shop to make specific things.  I will admit that it takes a little getting into as there is the risk of living on one thing for weeks on end, but once you're into the swing of it (or maybe do it with a friend so you can swap some dishes) it makes a lot of sense and - for me anyway - gave me a lot of the pleasure of cooking what I want at weekends back, because it took all the effort out of the weekday food preparation.

This weekend I have made the following:

A turkey chili with white beans
Roasted cauliflower and lamb curry
Huge pot of homemade tomato sauce for pasta (which can be used from frozen as a base for quick meals in the week)
Pork with mushrooms, white beans and celery which is a variation on this recipe
Chicken with black beans and broccoli
Spicy pork and squash casserole
Italian style tomato soup with turkey sausage, white beans, pasta etc.

I've also got ingredients to make sweet potato and butter bean bake but need to pop out and get some foil containers so when it's ready I can spoon it into those and freeze them ready to cook in the oven.

Honestly, all you need is an afternoon set aside. What I tend to do is set out mixing bowls and sort of chop all the veg for everything all at once, just putting it aside for each dish with the other ingredients.

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