Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Chicken and tarragon risotto

Well, if there's one thing continuous viewing of the Good Food channel will do to you, it's make you want to try new ingredients, and I've never tried tarragon and I'd got leftover roast chicken and wine, so here we go.

1 onion, chopped finely
1 courgette, chopped finely
1 heart of celery, chopped finely
Double handful of interesting mushrooms (ie, not the white boring ones), wiped and sliced
glass of white wine
leftover roast chicken, however much you want - I put about a (chicken) breast's equivalent each
couple of slices of bacon, chopped up finely
dried tarragon, to taste
stock and risotto rice - today I tried some organic chicken bouillon concentrate, it was very good.

So - crisp up the bacon in a dry pan and let any fat render, then add the finely chopped onions and celery and let that sweat off gently for a few minutes before adding the garlic to cook through. Add the courgette and go and make a cup of tea.

When you come back, add the chicken and the wine together and when the chicken is heated through and the wine cooked off a bit, stick in the mushrooms and tarragon and pop the lid on to let everything get mooshy and sexy.

When it looks soft and squidgy and goooooooooood, add the stock and rice and let it do its thing. Lovely! This one will be making a repeat appearance.

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