Sunday, 12 September 2010

Baked squash and corn with goat's cheese

WELL. This particular version was inspired by Jane Baxter's gorgeous recipe, which I actually made exactly as published for my fabulous friends Lisa and Simon a couple of weeks ago, and which comes in at around 7.5 Points per person (if you allow for that recipe to serve 4 people).

However. This evening we really fancied it again, but I didn't have all the gubbins for the dressing, so we made it a bit differently; this version feeds 2 at 5 Points each.

1 large butternut squash (it's to feed two of you for the main part of the meal; BNS is 0 Points, so knock yourself out)
2 sweetcorn cobs
75g goat's cheese (I used ASDA's English Goat's Cheese, it's a firm crumbly one)
2 onions, sweet if you can get them
As much garlic as you like - I used a whole head, ha!
Dried rosemary
Sea salt - I used Maldon's smoked, but you know, who's worrying?
Black pepper

This is so easy it's stupid. Fire up the oven, stick it on at maximum.

Slice your onions and stick them in a pan with a spray of oil, and if you're feeling generous, a sliver of butter. Don't worry about it too much. If you have the butter, go for a walk after dinner, it's all good. Sprinkle with a little salt and let them get on with going golden brown and goopy.

Peel, deseed and cube your squash, and pop it in a roasting tin. Season well with the smoked sea salt and black pepper, as well as the rosemary; just do it as you like. Spray with oil, or if you're feeling frisky (and you haven't got a spray bottle) just drizzle, and then turn it over with your hands. Stick all your lovely (unpeeled) garlic cloves in and make sure everything's spread out well. Stick it in the oven and set it for ten minutes.

While that's doing, with a sharp knife take the sweetcorn off the cob (thank you for showing me this Lisa!).

After ten minutes, turn your squash and put it back in for another ten. When it comes out the next time (ie, after it's had twenty minutes or so), give it another turn and pop it back under for another five. At that point, stick the sweetcorn into some boiling water on the hob, so it gets five minutes too.

In the five minutes, chop your goat's cheese up into little cubes. Get your oven dish out. Brace yourself for GORGEOUSNESS.

When the timer goes off, drain your sweetcorn, retrieve the squash (don't turn the oven off, just turn it down to 180 degrees) and take your onions off the heat. Gently combine the squash, sweetcorn, sweet onions and goat's cheese in your oven dish, turning and folding until it's all looking reasonably even.

It's going back in the oven for another 10 minutes; while that's doing you can make a lovely onion and tomato salad with sweet onion, dukkah and lemon, and break some good seedy brown bread out. Oh happy days!

When we had it with the dressing (as per the original recipe), we served it with grilled chicken, lebanese salad, crusty bread and copious cups of tea, because we're rock and roll like that. Enjoy.

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