Friday, 3 September 2010

A word on Points amounts

I should say here that at the moment our Points allowances are still quite high; mine is around 25 and Chris's is 29 (being as he's eight feet tall). For that reason, the recipes at the moment are quite generous with the Points. As the allowance descends it will probably be that they come down.

However, unlike a lot of the recipes published on the WW website or in the books, the ones I post here are generally pretty bloody generous. And before WW come for my hide, I should say that there's nothing wrong with them, they're great - but when you're twice the size you should be at the starting point, it's likely that they'll leave you hungry and then that sets you up for failure. There is little chance of you going hungry with these, which is where I think I (and many others) have struggled in previous attempts at WW. If you take their ready prepared meals as a guide - not that I'd be eating them these days, not now I have my own kitchen, anyway! - they are TINY. It's not just me, the fat lady, saying that either. So just be aware of that :)

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