Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 19 - Chinese 5-Spice Pork and Sprouts

...yes, sprouts. Not BEANsprouts. Sprouts. You know, the Brussels kind. The Christmas ones.

I love sprouts with a passion; Chris, before I made them with bacon and chestnuts (yeah...that'll be where my festive belly came from!) for Christmas last year, was not a fan. As we all know, if you say you don't like something then it's game on as far as I'm concerned...ha! Anyway, inspiration struck in ASDA whilst shopping as I realised I'd got some pork leg steaks in the freezer to be used up and there were readily available sprouts for the asking. *rubs hands together*

Extra Easy, all food free

Pork leg steaks, trimmed and all fat removed
Leeks, sliced thinly
Grated carrot
Courgette, diced very fine
Chinese Five-Spice
Dark soy sauce
Pork stock cube
Boiling water

Brown rice to serve

To begin with, blanch your sprouts. Drain and set aside.

Spray your pan with low fat cooking spray and brown off your finely diced pork, before adding the leeks, garlic and grated carrot. Sweat down gently until it's all soft and golden and add the courgette. Pop the soy sauce, five spice, pork stock cube and water in, cover and leave to bubble.

Cook some rice!

Add the quartered sprouts into the vegetable and pork mix right as the rice is about to finish cooking, and serve with great amusement as your husband type proclaims that "sprouts don't taste of farts! Sprouts taste of nutty!" *facepalm*

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