Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 22 - The Pasta Salad of Misery

You know...I barely know why I am posting this except that I said that I would put everything I eat on here. This was a combination of bare cupboards, extreme hunger, and having too much other stuff to do.

Extra Easy, all food free

Pasta (preferably wholegrain)
Salad leaves (whatever you've got)
Baby plum tomatoes
Sliced sweet onions
Sliced beetroot (yes, from a jar)

Er...cook the pasta. Open the tuna. Put everything in a bowl and stir. Eat, wishing you'd had the forethought to put soup in the slow cooker, but being silently determined not to crack and go to the chippy. Wedding dress, honeymoon! Wedding dress, honeymoon! *sigh*

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