Friday, 22 January 2010

My mum's onion, celery, courgette and mushroom 'risotto'

I have memories of my mum making this with both risotto rice and basmati - I think it's up to you really, whatever is to hand. Either way keep an eye on things.

Quantities are variable depending on hunger levels/people eating, but you need:

1 large onion
1 heart of celery
1 pack of nice mushrooms
2-3 courgettes depending on size
a good squeeze of garlic paste, or 2-3 cloves

chicken stock
glass of white wine
rice of your choice
black pepper/salt to season

To serve: plenty of good, sharp cheese

So. Sweat off all the veg til softened and tender. Add the wine and let the alcohol cook off. Add your rice of choice; if it's risotto, just cover it with the stock, and if it's basmati or long grain you want a bit less than twice as much stock as you've got rice, ie: 200g = 350ml stock, etc. You've got about 200ml white wine in there already don't forget going towards the liquid count :) Anyway, stick the lid on and let it simmer til all the liquid is sucked up, stirring occasionally and being careful not to let it stick.

Serve with lashings of grated cheese - this is one that's absolutely great by itself or would sit well with chicken, fish, sausages, whatever you like really.

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