Friday, 22 January 2010

Spicy pork chops (to go with rice and beans)

Pork loin chops, trimmed well and then cubed or cut into strips
Jerk seasoning (I use Dunn's River) - 2 tbsp
garlic paste - a good squeeze
small carton passata
1 onion, large
fine green beans
a red or green pepper
extra thyme

Start off with the pork. If you've got time, mix the jerk seasoning with a little bit of garlic paste and some oil, possibly even a splash of white wine vinegar if you've got some. Mix the cubed meat in this paste and leave it for as long as you can.

Begin. Add the cubed, oiled, spiced pork to the pan and leave it to cook through and brown. Then add sliced onions and garlic and allow it to soften. The pepper goes in after a couple of minutes, and then the beans and any extra spice mix/thyme/chili. Let it all cook for about five minutesm then add the passata and leave it to simmer while you make some rice and beans.

When you're ready to go, serve the vegetables and meat over the rice and beans and enjoy. I tend to like to make the veg/meat dish a little bit spicy to complement the sweetness of the coconut rice, so don't be shy with the hot sauce :)

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