Friday, 22 January 2010

Super awesome rice noodles with everything

One of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Birmingham does these amazing spicy rice noodles with a bit of everything in. After various attempts this is my own version and it's really Rather Good Indeed. Not a cheap midweek one as you need quite a lot of nice ingredients but it's great for a treat and it's REALLY GOOD. Even if I do say so myself.

Diced chicken breast
Prawns - big or small, you choose
one red pepper - if they're in season go with one of the lovely pointy sweet fire ones
one smallish onion
4-5 spring onions
good healthy squeeze of garlic paste
1 pack of oyster mushrooms
unsalted peanuts or cashew nuts

Soy sauce
Chinese Five-Spice powder
1 chopped chili (optional but good)
Sesame oil

To serve - fine rice noodles

Begin by heating the sesame oil in your wok so you can smell it. Add the chicken, along with a sprinkle of five spice - just a sprinkle though for now. Let the chicken cook most of the way through as you don't want to risk it :)

When the chicken's sealed, add in the onion and bell pepper, along with the garlic, and let it cook for two or three minutes. Then, the mushrooms, prawns, and seasonings (five-spice, soy sauce, chili).

While that's doing, boil a kettle and soak the rice noodles according to the instructions til they're soft.

When you're satisfied that the veg/chicken/prawns are done and they're not too wet (you need to let any juices reduce down a bit as best you can), add the noodles to the wok with another sprinkle of sesame oil, along with the nuts, spring onions and (optional but good) some coriander leaf, chopped.

Once everything is combined, eat straight away to get the lovely texture of the noodles and the crunchy nuts.

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