Saturday, 23 January 2010

Useful equipment

I don't have loads and loads of fancy kitchen equipment.

Here's my list:

One large heavy bottomed metal pan with a lid that can go into the oven
One elderly Kenwood hand mixer that is older than me (and I was born in 1978!) and belonged to my mum
One small Braun hand blender that cost me a tenner from ASDA
Wooden spoons x 3
Set of sharp knives - vegetable knife, bread knife, carving knife, paring knife
Can opener
Mixing bowl
Chopping board
Set of scales
Measuring cups and spoons and a jug

I've also got a few Pyrex oven dishes and cheap oven trays. You don't need to get expensive ones, just get a silicone sheet to line them with for about £3 and then wash it. Bingo.

I also use a set of silicon baking moulds - no need for paper cases or farting about greasing and lining stuff. Easy.

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